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About Scorched Earth Winery

We are an Organic Family Estate Vineyard & Winery. Our philosophy is to make great wine from our vines to your table. A simple process. 

Our vineyard was built from the ashes of the 2003 Okanagan Wildfires. We use our unique terroir to our advantage, creating our premium wine. We are in the heart of Okanagan Mountain Park. The Pinot Noir and Rose of Pinot Noir wines are exclusively made from our Estate grown Organic Pinot Noir grapes. Our Pinot Noir vintages typically take 4 years of minimal intervention winemaking from our vines to your glass. We age our wines in only French oak barrels imported directly from select cooperages.

Scorched Earth Winery is set apart from other producers as we only produce small lot wines due to low cropping of our wines well under 2 tons an acre. Typically, we only produce approximately 500 cases of Pinot Noir every vintage, and only 175 cases of Rose of Pinot Noir every vintage. We also source premium grapes from exceptional growers in the South Okanagan for our other wine varieties.

Our winemaker, Peter Paz passionately handcrafts our wines. Spending most of his time working with the direct process of bringing character to the grapes, then crafting our wine. Our CEO, Anita Paz, manages and operates the remaining tasks. The Scorched Earth Vineyard & Winery Family welcomes you!

The Vineyard

Our Vineyards

Replanting after the 2003 Okanagan Wildfires, we became Scorched Earth Vineyards. As an organic vineyard, we continue to work by hand for all our vineyard tasks. 

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The Family

Our Team

It is the family of Scorched Earth that has allowed us to grow into our boutique organic winery. 

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The History

Originally we were called the Okanagan Mountain Park Vineyard. These vines were planted in the early 70's, and were meant as table grapes. In 2003, a wildfire devastated the valley, well known as the 2003 Okanagan Fires. A wildfire that burnt for the entire summer, taking over 200 homes, and burned the majority of Okanagan Mountain Park. Our vines had to be replanted. That is when our name "Scorched Earth Winery'' was born. A reflection of the devastating fires, which is still seen in our surrounding landscape, filled with burnt trees. 

Prior to replanting, we took the time and energy to convert the vineyard to organic. We had to prep the vineyard with over 40 truckloads of organic compost. This led to us becoming Certified Organic, Fully Sustainable with a minimal carbon footprint. We value our terroir and with that we take every possible step to ensure we protect our soil. Since we are a family operated vineyard, we do most of our vineyard tasks by hand.  

When we replanted the vines, we chose 4 French Pinot Noir clones (828, 115, 777, 667) that are grafted on 3 different rootstocks. This ensures the vines properly take advantage of our terroir. Our elevation is approximately 450 metres above sea level, with steep slopes composed of clay, sand and silty loam. 

Because of our unique location, we have the southwest exposure that provides lots of sunshine. Our steep slopes allow for airflow with a cooling effect from the Okanagan Lake. Our terroir gives character to our vines and wine. The Pinot Noir and Rose of Pinot Noir are exclusively Estate grown Organic Pinot Noir grapes.

Our family operated vineyard and winery set us apart from the other producers due to our terroir and hours spent caring for the vines. We hope you can enjoy the vineyard as much as we have.