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The Name: Scorched Earth Winery

After the devastating 2003 Okanagan Wildfires, our vineyard had been hit with fire damage. Leading us to our ultimate decision to replant with French Pinot Noir grapes, and beginning our winemaking journey.
The fire left no surviving trees surrounding the vineyard. As of today, you can still see the fire residue and burnt trees that surround us. The Okanagan Mountain Park was scorched. 

We honour the environment around us to ensure we never forget what a wild summer it was in 2003.

Giving us our name “Scorched Earth Winery”. 

This name holds a lot of importance to our family. Summers after 2003, fires still spread throughout the valley. Leaving us to think that there would be another possibility that the vineyard could burn. But that hasn't stopped our passion to continue to grow with the Winery and Vineyard. We pride ourselves on maintaining a sustainable and organic vineyard, with hands-on work from the vines to the wine bottle. Our terroir tells the story of how the vineyard was burned, and how a Winery rose from its ashes.